Guess The Game! Quiz

Guess The Game! Quiz

Welcome to the “True Gamer” Quiz! Do you play your favourite games morning until night and think yourself to be a pro? Our quiz will show whether you are a true gamer or a newbie.

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The “True Gamer” Quiz presents some of the most popular games for all game consoles and PCs. You will be proposed to determine what game is in the picture and choose the right answer out of four options.

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You will have 25 seconds and 3 coins. Each correct answer will give you 1 additional coin and 4 additional seconds. You can expire 1 or 2 wrong answers by using 1 or 2 coins respectively. The game will stop when time runs out or if you answer all the questions.

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Our database of bestselling games is constantly expanding. Stay tuned!

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  • PC
  • Android Lv 1
  • PlayStation 1
  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 3/4 Lv 1
  • All Games